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Cylindrical Gears

Individual and series production of cylindrical gears for all purposes are one of Niebuhr Gears’ specialties.
We manufacture cylindrical gears with external straight, oblique and double helical teeth.
The gears range from small gears for e.g. bicycle gears over pump wheels to large toothed rims for offshore winches.
The gears are primarily manufactured in case hardening steels but also in steels for quenching and tempering, stainless steels, composites, bronze, etc.
Workpieces with internal teeth for both ring gears, spline connections and multiple gears are among the product types offered by Niebuhr Gears. We have many different types of machines at our disposal so our capabilities in this area are immense.

Gear hubbing
Internal gear cutting

Thanks to both conventional and state-of-the-art CNC machinery, we can offer top quality cylindrical gears.
With our own hardening plant, we are also able to offer some of Europe’s best delivery times and qualities.

Cylindrical gears from Niebuhr Gears are used in e.g. Sisu trucks and Rolls Royce marine winches.

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