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Cylindrical gear cutting external

The machine park consists of modern Cylindrical Hobbing machines. Niebuhr Gears has 10 CNC and 2 conventional Hobbing machines. The majority of the machines are supplied the leading manufacturer ”Gleason Pfauter”.
Below is a selection.

Gleason Pfauter P90

Cylindrical and worm modul 0,2-4, Ø100 mm.

Maximal work piece length with automation is 330 mm

Gleason Pfauter P800-1200

Max. Modul 30, max. work piece size Ø1200 mm

Cylindrical and worm wheels

Modul ZFWZ 05 CNC

Modul 2-12, max. Ø500 mm

Cylindrical and worm wheels

Gleason 210H “Genesis”

Modul 0,2-5, max. Ø210 mm, længde max. 60mm

Robot controlled

2 Gleason Pfauter P2400/2800

Modul 8 – 40, max. Ø3300 mm

Kolumna CNC

Rebuild and refurbised 2012.
Max. Modul 30, max. Ø5000 mm

2 Modul ZFWZ 3150/3

Modul 8 – 20, max. Ø3150 mm

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