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Working at Niebuhr

To be employed at Niebuhr Gears A/S
At Niebuhr Gears we strive to create a company where it is exciting as well as challenging to be employed but also secure. We are constantly working on making our work routines even more professional but at the same time, we are aware that it is important that we all enjoy working for here.
Our employees are very competent. As a company, we appreciate their specialized knowledge and we value employees who contribute positively and at the same time want to stay here for many years. We have a great desire to be an appealing workplace – which is also why we offer a list of benefits.Canteen
For a small weekly payment, all employees can use our fine canteen who ensure catering regardless of working hours.

Staff Association
The Staff Association at Niebuhr Gears is very active and offers a variety of activities throughout the year.

Work clothes
While employed at Niebuhr, you will always have three sets of work clothes at your disposal. We also have a cloth-washing agreement.

Health insurance
For a small amount you will automatically be enrolled in our health insurance – our employees often use this for minor and also major personal issues.

By paying a small user fee, you can use on of the best masseurs in the town of Ikast.

Differentiated salary
We give differentiated salary according to qualifications. The qualifications that we value against are professionalism, flexibility, efficiency, quality awareness, and work attitude.

We have created The Niebuhr Academy in order for us to unite our many resources used to educate our employees. We believe that education and a high competence level, is the key to being a competitive company. At Niebuhr Academy, we ensure an exciting and thorough training of our many apprentices and we continuously offer courses for all our employees – both internally and externally.

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