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Manufacturing gears is extremely complicated and as a manufacturer of gears you never stop learning. As we, as a company, are the specialists who are able to solve the most complicated tasks, we must improve our skills all the time. Based on that recognition, we are continuously striving to develop our employees’ knowledge and competencies.
Niebuhr Academy offers a wide range of training programs, i.e. apprenticeship programs, in-house and external programs and posting programs.

Apprenticeship Programs
We consider it important to contribute to the development of the industry through training of more industrial technicians. At Niebuhr Gears, we have therefore many apprentice technicians who we give a high priority. Both young people and adults can become apprentices at Niebuhr, also via employment as unskilled workers.
Niebuhr Gears’ apprentice technicians are offered a training program covering a variety of areas. Our philosophy is to give our apprentices a wide range of competencies, thus ensuring a high level of flexibility. During their apprenticeship, they spend time in all our departments: maintenance – quality – turning – cutting – gear hobbing– grinding – shipping. This way, we try to give our apprentices an exciting, flexible and varied education in the multifaceted fields of industrial technology.
Part of the training program is completed at our Chinese factory where our apprentices stay for five weeks.
Niebuhr Gears has a representative on the Forging and Industrial Techniques Training Committee at Herningsholm Vocational School where he works to develop the offers of the school.

In-House Training
At Niebuhr, we have an in-house training program covering e.g. gearwheel theory, quality awareness, measuring techniques and measuring tools. The instructors are Niebuhr experts within individual areas. On the job training is also given a high priority as part of our competence development program.

External Training
Niebuhr Gears offers various external courses to its employees. We have prepared a course catalogue where our employees by agreement with the management can select the courses which are relevant to them.
The idea is that training of each individual is the only way in which we can become still more professional in the way we work. Professional courses as well as cooperation and management courses are available.
Niebuhr Gears is also active in the UddannelsesNetværket (training network) where leading iron and steel companies collaborate on developing and holding relevant courses.

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