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1972 Niebuhr Gears is founded by Frank Niebuhr.
1982 Niebuhr moves to 1200m2 on Neptunvej, Ikast, Denmark.
1985 The production area is expanded to 2500m2.
Niebuhr starts manufacturing yaw rings and pinions for wind turbine manufacturers.
1998 A generational change is initiated by Rasmus Niebuhr joining the company.
2001 Niebuhr moves to its current 4500m2 factory on La Cours Vej, Ikast. .
Rasmus Niebuhr is appointed CEO.
2005 ISO 9001 certification is achieved.
2006 The production area is expanded to 6500m2.
2007 Søren Niebuhr commences as COO.
The production area is expanded to 8000m2.
Rasmus and Søren Niebuhr become equal 50/50 shareholders.
2010 90 employees in Denmark.
The factory in China opens with 3.500m2.
2012 Niebuhr celebrates 40th anniversary
2013 China expands to 7.000m2.
2015 115 employees in Denmark and 50 employees in China.
Denmark builds new administration.
Rasmus Niebuhr becomes sole shareholder.

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