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General Information about Niebuhr CSR

The companies in Niebuhr Gears must always observe the CSR policy guidelines of Niebuhr Gears.
We will, of course, observe applicable legislation, international standards and human rights. For Niebuhr Gears, however, this is not enough. In a wide range of areas, we have defined how it is to be a Niebuhr Gears partner, i.e. as an employee, customer or supplier. It is important to us to be seen as a credible partner and a company that combines high ethic and moral standards with professional and commercial decisions.

In CSR, we have prepared an international CSR policy which sets out guidelines in the following areas:

Applicable Legislation and International Standards
Niebuhr Gears will at all times observe the laws which apply in the countries in which Niebuhr operates. If Danish legislation or international standards specify stricter rules, Niebuhr Gears will wherever possible observe such requirements.

Human Rights
Applicable human rights must be accepted. Niebuhr Gears’ companies, subcontractors and partners do not accept child labour or forced labour.
Niebuhr Gears will not discriminate based on gender, religion or sexuality. We will strive to treat everybody fair in all aspects of their employment.

Employee Rights
Maximum working hours, rest periods, wage, holiday and sick pay, etc. are described here. It is also described how we will try to create an open-minded company where involvement and commitment means a lot.

Working Environment
Our working environment efforts aim at preventing and protecting our employees against health and safety hazards at work. Thus, we are working to:

  • replace hazardous substances with less hazardous substances;
  • minimize accidents through training, documentation of accidents and emergency response plans;
  • prepare safety data sheets and work instructions in the host country’s language;
  • ensure that all employees are provided with the required safety equipment without the employee incurring additional costs.

In the environmental area, we are working to:

  • ensure sustainable use of resources;
  • replace hazardous substances with less hazardous substances;
  • avoid unnecessary wastage;
  • ensure safe handling of waste;
  • recycle waste wherever possible;
  • reduce energy consumption as much as possible.

The company will train its employees in handling and implementing adopted measures.

Niebuhr Gears does not tolerate corruption, neither directly nor indirectly. Niebuhr Gears employees must not accept any kind of bribe or give customers, agents, contractors, suppliers, employers or officials any special benefits. This also includes non-acceptance of bribe offered through intermediaries or facilitation payments (smaller payments made to expedite a decision or activity).

Understanding Cultural Differences
It is important that we understand and consider cultural differences across countries. When we represent Niebuhr Gears abroad, we must consider the host country’s culture and adapt to it, wherever possible.
At Niebuhr, we take responsibility for training our employees in how to behave in some of the foreign cultures which we meet in our group companies.

Local Involvement
Wherever possible, Niebuhr Gears will contribute positively to the communities of which our companies form part. We will support civil institutions and show commitment e.g. in the form of donations, involvement in networks or undertaking voluntary work to help local communities.

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