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About us

Niebuhr Gears – the Leading Scandinavian Gear Manufacturer.

Niebuhr Gears is a globally oriented manufacturer of gears. Niebuhr Gears services customers in Europe, the USA and Asia. Manufacturing takes place at our domicile in Denmark and at our subsidiary in China which was established in 2010. In 2012, Niebuhr Gears celebrated its 40 years of uninterrupted success as a company, which has experienced stable and controlled developments since engineer Frank Niebuhr established the company in 1972.

Since the start, Niebuhr Gears has been committed to quality, precision and efficiency at all stages of production.

We have never compromised on quality and throughout our history, we have continually invested massively in new technology to ensure efficient and cost-saving machinery; in addition, we have optimised our flow based on LEAN principles such as Push, Kaizen and KanBan.

Thus, today, Niebuhr Gears A/S is an up-to-date and highly automated company aiming at becoming a globally leading manufacturer of gears.

Niebuhr Gears is a subcontractor carrying out assignments for numerous industries. We make to order based on the customer’s own drawings/instructions and can offer framework agreements with self storage facilities.
Niebuhr Gears is DNV-certified according to ISO9001/2008.

NIEBUHR’s overall objective is to offer high quality and precision gears at competitive prices. This requires highly competent and committed employees as well as efficiency throughout the production process.

Thus, NIEBUHR strives to create the best possible working environment and job satisfaction in order to retain the knowhow of the company.

Today, we are an internationally recognised company with approx. 100 committed employees in Denmark and 40 in China.

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